Brothers from New Jersey are in Africa Hunting Plains Game!

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Parker Brothers are in Africa Hunting Plains Game!

Friday 12 February 2016
John and Harold Parker, brothers from New Jersey are in Africa Hunting Plains Game. After a long drive from the Wild Coast of South Africa, they had a quick bite to eat, and then headed straight out to the range and then to look for some Impala rams.However the sunset caught up with them and the fading light made the hunt come to an end.

Saturday 13 February 2016

Very early morning start to find either an Impala ram or Kudu. Whilst out glassing, some very nice Impala rams were spotted and John decided to take one, and so the stalk was on. We made a stalk on a ram that was feeding in a dry dam but unfortunately we could not get a clear shot on him and he moved off due to some monkeys alerting him of our presence. The ram joined a group of bachelor rams about 150 yards from the edge of the dam and we made another stalk and John managed to make a brilliant uphill shot to claim his first African animal. Once we had dropped the ram off at the skinning shed we headed out too look for a ram for Harold. It didn't take long for us to find a Trophy ram for Harold and again the stalk was on. We managed to get to about 100 yards of the ram and Harold made an excellent shot to also claim his first African animal. After lunch we headed out to look for a Kudu bull, we managed to find some lying down and had to wait for it to cool off. So the bulls would start moving. Once they started feeding and a direction was being taken we put a very fast stalk in to cover a lot of ground and managed to get to within 100 yards and John made yet another excellent shot to claim his grey ghost of Africa,the elusive Kudu.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Today the brothers left for Cape Town. Thank you for joining Induna Safaris for your Africa Hunting Plains Game Safari.


This was my first hunting experience and not one I will soon forget. Kelvin's patience with my hesitation slightly wayward shot helped me bay my first Impala and Kudu. Will never forget the three hour search for that Kudu bull!

To Kelvin and Denise, Thank you so much for being such amazing hosts for my brother and I. I will remember the last two days for the rest of my life. The food was absolutely amazing, and the hunting was one of the most thrilling things I've done. I thought there was no chance we would find, let alone catch, the grey ghost but thanks to the skill of Kelvin and Alton, we we scored a prize Kudu, even with my brothers shot!! 

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