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Donating uniforms to Kleinpoort SchoolNot only were Induna Safaris blessed by having Ted and Jane Farrow, come out and have a successful hunt in the Eastern Cape, so to was the local Kleinpoort School. Ted and Jane Farrow, came out to hunt with us in the beginning of March 2010, they stayed for 7 days.

We soon learnt that Ted was an avid hunter, with many years of hunting experience behind him, having hunted in South Africa, and Zimbabwe and of course his home country England for many years.
He managed to survive the heat of early March, and ended up having a really good hunt with us. Jane spent her days touring with Denise from Induna Safaris, and the two of them had a great time, at Addo, Steytlerville, Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage.
Many enjoyable hours were spent sitting on the cool porch an Induna Safaris, sipping beverages and just having some good old chats.

Ted and Jane have shown great kindness and generosity to the small community of Kleinpoort, by donating uniforms to all the children of the Kleinpoort School.
This is a rural school, that is government funded, and most of the children are of disadvantaged backgrounds, so they do not have the funding for such things.

Each boy received trousers and shirts, and each of the girls received new dresses and shirts. The delight in the faces was priceless when they were handed the uniforms by the Farrows.

We at Induna Safaris and everyone in this small community are touched by the kindness shown by the Farrows.

Thank you Ted and Jane, we look forward to seeing you again.

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