Supreme Court Rejects Banning Hunting Vidoes

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Supreme Court Agrees With SCI, Rejects Law Banning Hunting Videos As Overbroad

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision, struck down a law that banned the distribution of depictions of animal cruelty.  Hunting and SCI’s contribution to the briefing played an important role in the court’s decision.  Although the law was intended to stop the distribution of “crush videos,” its broad language could have been used to prosecute the distribution of hunting videos or magazines.  The Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional, holding that the law’s expansive prohibitions could affect activities protected under the First Amendment.  Safari Club International and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation submitted an amicus curiae brief explaining the harmful impact the law imposed on hunting and the hunting community.  Chief Justice Roberts quoted SCI’s brief in discussing hunting videos, and the role that hunting videos play in enhancing hunting enjoyment, opportunities and recruitment. The full opinion is available here. SCI Press Release available at

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