Hunting Black Wildebeest in South Africa

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Species : Black Wildebeest (White tailed Gnu)
Scientific Name : Connochaetes gnou
Average Mass :  165kg
Average Shoulder Height  : 119cm

Black Wildebeest are found in open plains, with low shrubs and grasslands. They are quite dependant on surface water. They remain in herds, with one territorial male. He is the only male that mates in the herd. The herd is active in early morning and late afernoon, and they rest during the day.

On our land the Black Wildebeest live in an area with very little cover, so it makes for an interesting stalk. They are very enjoyable to hunt. Sometimes we find it easier to sit and watch them for awhile and wait for them to get closer. They are fairly tough animals, so you need to use a good bullet and shot placement is very important.

Once Black Wildebeest are alerted to our presence they run of fairly quickly, they tend to run around in big circles making a lot of dust, it is quite spectacular to watch. Distinguishing between the male and female is not that easy. The Males are usually larger and their horns are bigger and heavier.

They have a cattle like appearance, with beards and hair on their noses. Their distinguishing feature is the white horse like tail. Loud snorts and ghenu like sound is made to warn off danger.

Black WildebeestBlack Wildebeest

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