Hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa

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Species : Blue Wildebeest ( Brindled Gnu)
Scientific Name : Connochaetes Taurinus taurinus
Average Mass : 250kg
Average Shoulder Height : 140cm

Blue Wildebeest are a tough animal and accurate shot placement with a good bullet is important for success. Shot placement can be misleading due to the deep profile created by the pronounced forequarters, beard and neck fringe.
Blue Wildebeest are very vigilant and a difficult animal to approach, this makes hunting them a challeng. Bachelor herds are common, and there are a number of lone males. They tend to lie down when not feeding or moving. The boss size increases with age, mature males lack the brown v on the forehead seen in females and immature males.
When shot and not downed the animal will often circle around leading the hunter back to the first spot where he was shot.
Blue Wildebeest habitat varies from open grass plains to rocky valleys, they prefer short grasses. The Blue Wildebeest we have tend to stay in rocky valley, with quite a bit of shrubs and trees. When hunting them, they are often spotted across the valley, making the stalk fairly streneous as it often covers very rocky terrain. We try to avoid long shots due to the toughness of this animal. You will definitly feel a wonderful sense of achievement once you have dropped this beast.

Recommended calibre is .300 magnum or .338 Win.

Blue Wildebeest HuntingBlue Wildebeest Hunting

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