Hunting Burchells Zebra in South Africa

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Species : Burchells Zebra
Scientific Name : Equus burchelli
Average Mass : 320kg
Average shoulder height : 140cm

Burchells Zebra habitat is mostly open woodland and grass savannahs. They are solidly built, and a higher heart/lung shot is recommended, as the heart is located somewhat further back. Males and females are not that easy to distinguish between, but the males have a broader neck and muzzle, and often the dominant male will be the last in the herd when fleeing. Burchells Zebra tend to form large herds, zebra are very gregarious and even sometimes hang around with other antelope. Because they are so socialable, this presents its own challenge in hunting them as they tend to have many look outs within the herd, that will warn the others to danger with a characteristic bark. So one needs to be very careful when stalking them.
Burchell Zebra younger males are better to hunt for a good trophy as theirs capes usually have less scarring and marks on them.

Recommended calibre is 30.06


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