Hunting Cape Bushbuck in South Africa

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Species : Cape Bushbuck
Scientfic Name : Tragelaphus scriptus sylvaticus
Average Mass : 58kg
Average Shoulder Height : 80cm

Bushbuck prefers thick bush. They are fairly dependant on water and sufficient shelter in their environment.
They usually feed at night, or early morning and late afernoon. Bushbuck lie down in the thick bush during the day. Very often they are solitary animals sometimes they will be in bachelor herds. Due to their camouflage, and them remaining mostly in thick bush they are not always that easy to spot, and when hunting them, it can be a challenge to spot them, it often occurs by accident. However when hunting Busbuck at Induna Safaris, we cant obviosuly guarentee spotting them, but we tend to know the areas where they seem to stay.
Bushbuck have very keen senses, and are a very challenging hunt, due to their remaining in thicket. The male is a very brave animal and will attack when wounded.


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