Hunting Cape Grysbok in South Africa

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Species : Cape Grysbuck
Scienfic Name : Raphicerus Melanotis
Average Mass : 10kg
Average Shoulder Height : 54cm

Grysbuck is the smallest of the antelope that we have available for hunting. It has a beautiful cape, that is red in colour with specks of grey. The face, neck and legs do not have speckles. Grysbuck have very large ears. Only the males has horns. They are nocturnal animals, they do all their feeding at night. They prefer areas with  dense shrubs, and enjoy succulents. They are usually single animals, except when mating. Grysbuck are becoming more and more rare in this area of the Eastern Cape, due to the influx of jackals in the area, and their tiny size makes them an ideal prey.


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