Hunting Grey Duiker in South Africa

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Species : Grey Duiker ( common Duiker)
Scientific Name : Sylvicapra grimmia
Average Mass : 18kg
Average Shoulder Height : 50cm

Duiker has a wide range of habitat choices, but seems to prefer scrub and bush covered country.
They usually single but sometimes can be seen in pairs. They tend to lie down when frightened but if you are to close they will dart off and run in a zig zag manner. Duiker are also found in abundance at Induna Safaris, and can be found in all areas in the bush. When hunting you will see plenty of Duiker around. As with most game they are more active in the early morning and late afternoon, as well as at night. They have an active sense of smell and sight. They give off a nasal snort as an alarm and then a loud scream when in danger.


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