Hunting Kudu in South Africa

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Species : Kudu
Scientific name : Tragelaphus streosiceros
Average Mass : 270kg
Average Shoulder Height : 150cm

The Eastern Cape Kudu's habitat is one of wooden savannah. They try and avoid open grasslands as they are timid and like to be in cover most of the time. The Eastern Cape Kudu has very alert senses and will run for cover at the slightest disturbance. They usually remain in the shade during the hottest part of the day, and move around in early morning, late afternoon or at night.

Kudu are aptly known as the grey ghost of the bush due to their ability to camouflage themselves well in the bush. The Eastern Cape of South Africa, where Induna Safaris is, is known as kudu country as we really do have large numbers of this species here. So you will definetly get to see many of this magnificient breed, but we are very selective when choosing the correct trophy for each hunter, so the kudu is never a rushed hunt. Also they are extremly bush smart, in managing to hide from us and they are very alert.

Kudu really are a spectacular animal and they make a magnificient trophy. Most people are very proud of their Kudu trophies as they are so beautiful and they usually had to work quite hard to obtain the beast. From years of being in this area, and from hours spent in the bush, our professional hunters have got to know these animals very well, and can often predict their movements and whereabouts, but don't let that fool you, they will still give you a good run for your money.

Recommended calibre is 30.06 or a .308Win.


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