Hunting Sable in South Africa

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Species : Sable
Scientific Name : Hippotragus niger niger
Average Mass : 230kg
Average Shoulder Height : 135cm

Sable males and females have horns, but the males horns are longer and have more of a curve. The mature males also tends to have a jet black cape, as opposed to the females and young males that have a browner colour cape. Shelter and water are important for Sable, they enjoy open woodlands, with some cover. Sable are a remarkably tough and resilient animal requiring very accurate shot placement. The deep profile of the forequarters coupled with the mane makes shot placement misleading.
Dominant males are usually found in the rear of the herd. Sable are known to defend themselves aggresively when cornered, so when approaching a downed animal it needs to be done with caution.
Also early morning and late afternoon grazers.
Recommended Calibre is 30.06 or .300 magnum.


Hunting SableHunting Sable

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