Hunting Southern Impala in South Africa

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Species : Impala
Scientific name : Aepyceros melampus
Average Mass : 65kg
Averge Shoulder Height : 90cm

Impala usually form large herds, and during mating season bachelor and breeding herds can be distinguished. Females are smaller and they dont have horns. Impala prefer fairly open areas, but there must some cover they do not like open grass plains. Within their herds they tend to have one or two spotters, usually females, so when hunting one needs to look out for them, as they will
quickly alert the males to danger. Impala have a soft skin, and are not a particularly tough animal according to African standards, however they can easliy survive a poorly placed shot. Also if not dropped immediatley can often run a fair distance at quite a speed which can make their recovery tricky.

Mature males are fairly easily spotted in the field, if their horn tips are vertical, the animal
is fully mature. As with all species it is best to hunt them early morning or late afternoon, however they
are probably more lenient to middle of the day hunting.


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