Hunting Springbuck in South Africa

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Species : Springbuck
Scientific Name : Antidorcas marsupialis
Average Mass : 35kg
Average Shoulder Height : 74cm

Springbuck males and females have horns. Springbuck males horns are longer than the females. A desert animal, usually shot at long range. It has a large heart and lung area relative to the size of the animal that makes shot placement easier. At Induna Safaris they are found in open areas with little cover, so when stalking them one must be dressed accordingly, as it is usually a low stalk. We offer a variety of Springbuck species, the Black Springbuck which with us is hunted in an area of very desert like terrain.
There are many cactus's and succulents in the area but very little cover.
The White Springbuck that we have is of one of the best in the area, as this species is often an off white in colour however these are very white and actually make spotting them a walk in the park, as they stand out like a sore thumb. However they are also in an area with little cover, so stalking
is a little challenging. The rarest of the Springbuck species is the Copper Springbuck , which is a beautiful copper colour throughout. It is also found in areas of little cover.

Recommended calibre is 243.


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